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Check out the ballot before you vote Tuesday

November 4, 2018Blog Post

This election's ballot is especially long so we suggest you review it before you go vote on Tuesday.  You still have time to research the issues and make an informed vote!

Kansas City voters can view the ballot here:

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Final GOTV events and watch parties

November 2, 2018Blog Post
Friends and supporters:
With just four days left, there are a few final Get Out the Vote events you should be aware of across the county.
Senator McCaskill will be in two places Saturday afternoon in Jackson County. First, Claire will be with Candidate for the
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One Week Left

October 30, 2018Blog Post

The Difference in Strategy


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Pressure is On with Two Weeks To Go

October 22, 2018Blog Post
The Pressure Is On; Don't Give In
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Just Three Weeks Left

October 16, 2018Blog Post
Sort through the noise of the campaign ads
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Welcome to October. The Clock is Ticking!

October 1, 2018Blog Post

Voter Registration Deadlines Upon Us

Keep these dates in mind if you need to vote absentee or if you have recently moved and need to update your registration:

October 10: last day to register

September 25: first day of absentee voting

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Week of September 24 Blue Notes

September 24, 2018Blog Post
Update on Clean Missouri (Amendment 1): Back on the Ballot
(via Missouri Times)

An appeals court has overturned a lower court’s ruling and sided with the backers of a sweeping ethics reform question, putting the measure back on the November ballot and in the hands of voters.  

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