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April 7th Mass Meeting Locations

1) The first step of the delegate selection process is to vote in the Presidential Primary on March 15th. 

2) The second step is to attend your local Ward or Township Mass Meeting to try to be elected a State Delegate. Mass Meetings are on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 7:30PM at 39 locations across Jackson County and Kansas City. If you don't know your Ward or Township, you can look it up:

  • Kansas City Residents use the Kansas City Election Board to look up your Ward - the election board does not have an easy look up tool, so you can either call the election board to have them look you up (816-842-4820), look at the maps at the following link or contact our office to look up your Ward.
  • Jackson County Resident use the Jackson County Election Board to look up your Township -  

After you know your Ward or Township, look at the bottom list to find out where your meeting on April 7th is being held or you can open the list here on the web or here as a PDF

3) If you are elected at the April 7th Mass Meeting then you're considered a State Delegate and you can continue to the Congressional District Convention on April 28th at 7:30PM. 

  • 5th Congressional District Convention: American Legion Building, 1001 W. 22nd St., Higginsville, MO  64037. Contact Person is Cathy Spainhower ( or 816-305-3229).
  • 6th Congression District Convention: Brookfield Jr High, Brookfield, MO. Contact Person is Bob Saunders ( or 816-781-5329).

​4) Missouri State Democratic Convention is June 18th, 12:00pm in Columbia, MO at TBD Location. 

*Please find more information on this process on our other page. This page is meant to help with the 1st step on April 7th* 

Contact our office with any questions 
Jackson County Democratic Committee
816-833-5232 or 

Ward & Township Meeting Locations for April 7th, 2016

View the below list in another browser. It's a wide list due to how much information.