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Big Win for Medicaid Expansions and Primary Candidates

When all votes are final, this shows what a 6 point victory looks like by county
Medicaid Expansion Passes!


After years of Republican inaction and millions of dollars lost, Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion yesterday once again showing how citizens will take matters into their own hands when elected officials refuse to take responsibility. 

The Yes on 2 campaign, which was endorsed by the Jackson County Democratic Committee and other parts of the party infrastructure, was a statewide collaboration that got the job done. The victory came in a few critical areas: St. Charles County, Green County, Platte County and Eastern Jackson County.  As we saw with other ballot issues in 2016, areas that used to be Republican strongholds are coming around steadily to issues championed by Democratic officials and voters.  This is great news for the thousands across the state who will now have access to health care and for the prospects of the November election in areas most important to our state-wide and local Democratic candidates.  Thanks for your vote!


Congratulations to the Primary Winners

Our full slate of candidates for November is now set:

Governor - Nicole Galloway

Lt. Governor - Alissia Canady

Secretary of State - Yinka Faleti

Treasurer - Vicki Lorenz Englund

Attorney General - Rich Finneran

US Congress (5th) - Emanuel Cleaver II

US Congress (6th) - Gena L. Ross

State Senate (7th) - Greg Razer

State Senate (9th) - Barbara Washington

State Senate (11th) - John Rizzo

State House (19th) - Ingrid Burnett

State House (20th) - Mike Englert

State House (21st) - Robert Sauls

State House (22nd) - Yolanda Young

State House (23rd) - Michael L. Johnson

State House (24th) - Emily Weber

State House (25th) - Patty Lewis

State House (26th) - Ashley Bland Manlove

State House (27th) - Richard Brown

State House (28th) - Jerome Barnes

State House (29th) - Rory Rowland

State House (30th) - Art Schaaf

State House (31st) - Rhonda Dolan

State House (34th) - Chris Hager

State House (35th) - Keri Ingle

State House (36th) - Mark Sharp

State House (37th) - Annette Turnbaugh

County Sheriff - Darryl Forte

County Prosecutor - Jean Peters Baker

We will be featuring info on all our candidates each week leading up to the election including ways you can help with races in your area.  Congratulations and THANK YOU to all candidates on the ballot yesterday for engaging voters and building your community.

Yard Signs and Other Campaign Materials Now Available 

Starting tomorrow, we are featuring Joe Biden for President yard signs in our Independence office.  Our offices will be open on a limited basis if you would like to buy one for $6 (compared to $25 from Biden's website).  Contact us for the most up to date schedule. These signs will go fast so schedule a time sooner than later to get yours. Email to schedule.

The United Eastern Democrats, also located at 308 W. Maple in Independence, will be selling new campaign buttons and bumper stickers during weekdays. Get yours now, supplies limited! More variety coming in as we get closer to November.

Our office is open for sales this week Monday noon to 4pm, Tuesday 11am to 3pm, Wednesday 10am to 2pm and Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Can't make it in but want to reserve your sign? Order online here:

National Convention Update

National Convention is almost here! This year’s events will take place virtually from August 17-20th, but the DNC is putting together a really cool slate of events, many of which are open to the public. The official Schedule of Events has just been released here

In addition, the MDP will be hosting several of our own events with delegates and supporters featuring some exciting and interesting guests! Stay tuned, we’ll be making announcements very quickly.