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Blue Notes: State Legislative Session Beginning, Georgia Senate Races and More

Good luck to Ossoff and Warnock

We Made It to 2021; Biden Will Be Sworn in January 20

2020 was a nightmare for a lot of reasons but many great people across the county, state and nation stepped up by putting their name on the ballot, volunteered to support Democrats and gave what they could to support candidates everywhere. Brave front-line workers in industries ranging from health care to grocery stores put themselves at risk to keep America functioning during the pandemic.  The year was absolutely one many of us would like to forget but let's make a point to remember the sacrifices of so many people who made 2021 a bit more optimistic.

In two weeks, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in, officially ending the Trump Administration. Despite the efforts of authoritarians and sore losers like Josh Hawley, the voters selected Biden to be our next President by 7 million votes winning states in every region. The celebration will look a little different this year but we will be announcing virtual and drive in options you can join us in shortly.

In Jefferson City, legislators will be sworn in tomorrow in front of a limited audience.  State officers will have an outdoor ceremony on January 11th including an address from Governor Parson. There will be no other public events.

Legislative Session in Missouri Difficult to Predict; Some Priorities Known
State revenue projections show a giant drop mostly due to COVID and a continued effort to cut taxes for corporations with no offsets from new revenue, meaning new or expansion of existing programs will be challenging to get through the Missouri General Assembly this session. We do know that a high priority of Republicans will be expanding charter schools and introducing some form of a voucher program, both of which have failed in recent years. Generally speaking, Republicans would prefer to attack public education than support it; Rep. Justin Hill (R-Lake St. Louis) took to Twitter to taunt a rural public school teacher stating she was owed nothing and should get a different job if she wanted a fair wage or start a t-shirt business while top Republican consultant Gregg Keller suggested parents sue teacher's unions for billions for not fully opening schools during the pandemic. Under the Republican supermajority, public higher education are guaranteed when it comes time to balance the budget. Given the $400 million shortfall that is projected, we can expect that to happen again. 

We also know that some Republican legislators are promoting a plan to give further protection to police by making it a felony to report the names of officers who may be abusing their power or engaging in harmful activity. It's unclear how this is addressing the state's rise in violent crime.

It is also likely there will be a serious effort to overturn the will of the voters and make Missouri a Right to Work state, a measure solely to attack labor unions attempted by Republicans for decades.

The new Speaker of the House is Rob Vescovo (R-Jefferson Co) while Crystal Quade (D-Greene Co) remains minority leader. In the Senate, Caleb Rowden (R-Boone Co) and John Rizzo (D-Jackson Co) retain their positions as majority and minority leaders, respectively.

State Party Seeks New Executive Director Soon

With the new incoming MDP officers, a new staff is expected to be hired in the coming weeks starting with the Executive Director. If you or someone you know is up for the job of leading Democrats across the state with Chairman Michael Butler, read the expectations and requirements then apply here:

Build A Bench of Grassroots Power!

Municipal elections in the spring of 2021 are coming fast! The filing deadline for the general municipal election is January 19, 2021, so MDP is partnering with “Contest Every Race'' to recruit Democrats to run for small, local offices like school board, county commissioner, assessor, city council, and many more. 

We need folks like you to run! Submit your info and we’ll get back with you ASAP! And check out all our resources for folks considering a run for office here!

Best of Luck to Democrats in Georgia

Today is election day in the Georgia US Senate runoff where voters have the rare task of sending two Senators to Washington on the same ballot.  The implications of this election cannot be overstated as wins from both Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock would result in a 50-50 split in the Senate giving VP Kamala Harris the tie breaking vote.

If you have some time today to help out with phone banking, learn about how to do it from home here: