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Cancellations and News (Updated March 20)

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

Cancellations (updated)

The following events that we have previously promoted are officially postponed or cancelled:

-Grain Valley Democrats event March 18

-Rep. Judy Morgan Town Hall March 26

-Rep. Greg Razer Town Hall March 21

-Rep. Mark Sharp event March 26

-Drew Rogers event March 19

-Yinka Faleti event March 24

-Barbara Washington for Senate event March 24

-Rep. Keri Ingle event March 26

-Patty Lewis event March 29


Filing For Office Still Ending March 31

Although the April municipal election has been postponed to June, filing for county and state offices are still open and will conclude March 31 at 5pm.  If you are planning to run for County Prosecutor, Sheriff or Committeeperson, don't wait. Visit the County Clerk's office at the courthouse in downtown Kansas City, enter on the Oak Street side and inform the deputy that you are filing for office and you will be allowed in.  If the closing date is moved, we will announce it.

Jefferson City Update

via Rep. Greg Razer

This week my colleagues and I in the Missouri House of Representatives convened in Jefferson City to pass supplementary budget bills to aide our current response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite minority members efforts to do more, the majority party only allowed approximately $35 million to address our current state emergency. My colleagues across the aisle are concerned that we are overreacting and feel that this amount of money will be more than enough to address the issue. I am extremely disappointed that they were not willing to do more to protect the lives and livelihoods of Missourians.

The state legislature is currently in recess until March 30th and will not be in session for the forseeable future.

Major Changes to Delegate Selection

All mass meetings scheduled on April 6th are cancelled and the delegate selection plan will be updated to have all state delegates, which under the prior plan would have been elected at the mass meetings, to be elected at the congressional conventions instead. 

  • Previously, the state delegates elected at mass meetings on April 6th would then move on to the April 30th congressional convention and June 20th state convention. We are collapsing the first step of mass meetings to instead elect all state delegates at the congressional district conventions (postponed to be held on May 30th), and then those delegates will immediately proceed to elect the national convention delegates. This is to reduce the number of meetings held for safety purposes, and it still fulfills the process of electing state delegates who vote in congressional conventions and go onto the state convention to vote on resolutions, at-large national delegates, and DNC members. 
  • The total state delegation size will remain the same. The calculations for delegate apportionment and allocation will be done in accordance with how the current delegate selection plan details. 
  • The previous role of mass meeting chairs – county chairs, and ward and township committeepeople in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Jackson County – will be modified in accordance with moving state delegates to be elected at the congressional conventions. The Congressional Conventions will have an officer of a county committee that falls within the congressional district serve as the Secretary for the Congressional Convention meeting, rather than the Secretary of the Congressional District Committee. 
  • Form MM (filing to run for a state delegate) may now be filed in advance by May 15th so that state delegate candidates who do not attend in person may still be considered to fill vacancies. They may still be filed in-person at the Congressional Conventions on May 30th so that those coming in person, who have not pre-filed, may still run as state delegates. The pre-filing forms will be used to fill vacant state delegate positions. Those who have already prefiled their Form MM will remain valid. You can fill out that form HERE.

CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTIONS: All congressional conventions scheduled on April 30th are postponed to May 30th. 

  • State delegates will be elected as the first step at the May 30th congressional conventions, and then will immediately proceed to elect the national district-level delegates from each congressional district. 
  • The congressional district chair will act as the meeting chair during the entirety of the in-person meeting, from electing state delegates to electing national delegates. Caucuses will still be formed for each respective candidate, which will have caucus chairs that report results to the meeting chair. The Congressional Conventions will have an officer of a county committee that falls within the congressional district serve as the Secretary for the Congressional Convention meeting, rather than the Secretary of the Congressional District Committee.
  • In the event that in-person congressional conventions are not recommended by federal, state, and local public health authorities, the MDP will officially chair each congressional convention in order to run teleconferencing and/or video conferencing software to conduct the convention. 
  • Delegates elected to the state convention will be elected in the same proportion as the original delegate selection plan indicated, granting the same number of delegate positions to each county, ward, or township as was allocated in the original delegate selection plan. Any vacancies not filled by state delegates afterward will be filled by those in attendance at the congressional convention and then those who pre-filed and will be selected by random drawing. 
  • District-Level national delegates may pre-file by May 15th and will be considered to run as national delegates if they are first elected as state delegates at the beginning of the congressional convention, or they may file and run in person at the Congressional Convention on May 30th.
  • The 5th Congressional District convention will be at IBEW 124 (301 E. 103rd Terr KCMO), time TBD.

Read the full report from the Missouri Democratic Party and more about delegate selection here. More information will be posted when available.

The JCDC Office

Our Independence office will be closed to the public until at least April 6. Please connect via email at or When we are back up, we will be ordering more buttons, bumper stickers and yard signs for supporters to buy. Until then, stay safe and be smart!

Stay Safe!