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Censure of Roxann Thorley


Statement on Censure of Democratic Committee Member


Members of the Jackson County Democratic Committee have completed an investigation of one of their own members after receiving a complaint that a member was actively working against Democratic efforts and supported a Republican Candidate for office, a very clear violation of our long standing bylaws and punishable by a formal censure of any member found guilty after a fair hearing.


Upon completion of a full investigation and hearing it was found that Roxann Thorley, an elected committeewoman representing Sni-A-Bar Township, had made a number of public social media statements that were both disparaging of then Democratic nominee Joe Biden and in support of Republican President Donald Trump prior to the November 2020 election. The JCDC voted unanimously to issue an official censure of Ms. Thorley. This is the first time in the modern history of the organization a formal censure has been declared.  Further, the JCDC voted to accept a resolution barring her from running for a position with the Democratic Committee again in the future.  


These unprecedented actions by the committee were not taken lightly. Ms. Thorley was given multiple opportunities to defend herself and her actions but declined to respond. Ms. Thorley’s actions were not only an egregious violation of the party’s bylaws, they were an insult to the 50,000+ registered voters of the Sni-A-Bar Township to which she pledged and was elected to represent for the Democratic Party.  The rhetoric she used in favor of Mr. Trump and against President Biden was similar to what we have learned was used by many of those who attacked democracy on January 6th and represent the worst of American politics in this polarizing time. While Ms. Thorley is entitled to her own opinion, she also willingly pledged her commitment to the Democratic Party when she filed for and was elected to the committee.  Such an obvious conflict could not continue.


As we advance our mission of building the party across Jackson County and working to elect Democrats at all levels of government, we hope Roxann Thorley will be honest with herself and the voters she pledged to represent and resign her position with the JCDC immediately.  If she wants to continue in an official role with county politics, she knows where to file for the Republican County Committee in 2022.