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Mid-November News and Notes

Jackson County Holds for Democrats Up and Down Ballot

Despite heavy spending by Republicans to fight the thousands of hours of work by our staff and volunteers, Jackson County Democrats defended all of our previously held seats and delivered a wide pro-McCaskill and Galloway vote margin.  We were also proud to gain a seat in the Missouri State House; the 35th District will be held by Keri Ingle of Lee's Summit!

So many volunteers put in a great deal of work into knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing post cards and raising money and while we didn't get all the results we were looking for, that impact was felt.  Republicans didn't win over this state in just one election. Tides change over several cycles and sometimes include factors we can't control.  Democrats all over the state showed that Republicans won't get a free pass anymore and we will continue to build our strength neighborhood by neighborhood.  The fight for 2020 begins now as we recruit candidates and introduce legislation in Jefferson City.

Change in Voter ID Requirement Causes Confusion, Investigation Coming

Excerpt from Propublica and Huffington Post: Voters in Missouri faced confused poll workers as they went to vote on Tuesday, with many reporting they were turned away for not having valid photo identification. The confusion was a result of an October court ruling that allowed Missourians to cast ballots with a range of forms of identification.

Taylor Fritz, 25, brought the voter registration card mailed to him by the state to cast a ballot at his polling station, the Legacy Park Community Center in Lees Summit. But poll workers there told him the card was not an acceptable form of ID, even though a state website specifically says it is. There was even a poster in the gymnasium where he cast a ballot that stated registration cards were acceptable, Fritz said.

“Lucky for me I was able to show my valid state issued ID,” Fritz, an insurance broker, said in an interview. “The problem is not everyone has a state ID like me.”

Read the full article HERE.

Jackson County Democrats will work with the Jackson County and Kansas City Election Boards to discover gaps in training and address this for future elections.


Thank You to Our Sponsors of the Chili Dinner

The 10th Annual Chili Dinner leading into the November election was another great success, raising a record amount for the staff fund. Thank you to all our sponsors especially Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 8, Sprinkler Fitters Local 314, Operating Engineers Local 101 and TJP Media.

Personal Note from Executive Director Geoff Gerling

Obviously the results from Tuesday night were disappointing for those of us who have worked so hard in Missouri. We did, however, see dramatic gains across the country from Maine to California and even Kansas in between.  While some may view that as even more discouraging, I see those victories paired with decisive victories on Amendments 1 and 2 and Proposition B as evidence that we are going in the right direction.

For 2019, my efforts will include the following: candidate recruitment, long-term fundraising strategies, volunteer retention, voter registration and laying the framework for petition initiatives for early voting and Medicaid expansion.  Above all of those, I will also be working to drive up voter turnout in urban Kansas City where we are seeing numbers decline at an alarming rate.  I don't have all the answers but I know I won't find any new ones unless I listen first. Suggestions are needed and welcome.

I thank Senator Claire McCaskill for her years of dedicated service to the citizens of Jackson County and Missouri. Her work from the Senate floor, to rural town halls and behind the scenes to support the party cannot be forgotten.


Upcoming Club Meetings and Events:

  • Committee for County Progress: Annual meeting tonight (Tuesday), 5:30pm at 1000 Walnut Suite 1400. Guest speakers will be Sheriff Darryl Forte and State Representative Elect Keri Ingle.
  • Raytown Democratic Association: Monthly, meeting Thursday November 15th, 7pm at Las Chili's (6310 Raytown Trafficway). Guest speakers are Alderwoman Bonnaye Mims and JCDC Executive Director Geoff Gerling.
  • JCDC Annual Holiday Party: Pending for mid-December. Official announcement will be made soon.