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The Missouri GOP's Insulting Silence



For Immediate Release                                                                                                              October 20, 2020

“Republican Leadership’s Silence on Rick Roeber is Insulting”

Contact: Geoff Gerling, Executive Director



Missouri Republican Leadership’s Silence on Rick Roeber is Insulting



While claiming to be the party of “Missouri Values,” the Republican leadership in our state has made the insulting and morally absent decision to stand by House District 34 candidate Rick Roeber three weeks after well sourced allegations of sexual, physical and psychological abuse were made against him by his own children.  The shocking report should have resulted in the Missouri Republican Party making at least some formal statement against Roeber, but the immoral and “win at all costs” philosophy of their leadership has yielded nothing to date. The silence of Governor Mike Parson, Missouri GOP Chairwoman Kay Hoflander, House Speaker Elijah Haahr, Eastern Jackson County state legislators Senator Mike Cierpiot, Representative Dan Stacy, Representative Jon Patterson and others amounts to compliance; they will stand by an alleged abuser and child sex predator if it means winning an election.


Jackson County Democrats Executive Director Geoff Gerling said the following: “Republican State Representatives Sheila Solon, Jack Bondon, Bill Kidd and Shamed Dogan deserve credit for breaking with their own party leadership and condemning Roeber for his criminal and disgusting past. That still doesn’t make up for how Republican leadership’s choice to stick with Roeber is deeply insulting to the thousands of abuse victims across the state and nation. If the Missouri GOP is now the party of child abuse, they should just own it instead of pretending voters can’t interpret their silence.”


The allegations against Rick Roeber were well researched and deemed credible by respected investigative journalists before being published by the Kansas City Star September 29.  Democratic leadership in Jackson County and elsewhere called on Roeber to suspend his campaign out of respect for the victims shortly after the story broke.