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Regarding the Report on Republican Candidate Rick Roeber

For Immediate Release
Contact: Geoff Gerling, Executive Director
Our Response to Stunning Allegations Against Republican Candidate Rick Roeber
Earlier this morning, the Kansas City Star released a story that included significant research and interviews regarding Republican State House candidate Rick Roeber. 

First and foremost, we are thinking about the survivors and how difficult it must have been to be connected to their abuser for so long without seeing justice or a resolution.  We also hope their courage inspires others to speak out and get help as soon as possible so other victims may not suffer for so long.

The political ramifications of this seem insignificant compared to the emotional and personal toll these horrific actions have caused.  But surely this shocking information will cause the voters of the 34th District to do the right thing and not let this sick individual be rewarded by becoming a lawmaker partly responsible for the safety of all of Missouri’s children as a State Representative.

We hope that all state lawmakers, especially the leadership in Jefferson City among the Republican Party, pay more attention to the laws that protect the vulnerable from predators in and away from the home.  We further hope that the Missouri Republican Party publicly denounce Roeber in the name of decency and for all of the child sexual abuse survivors in the state.  In the meantime, the expectation of the voters should be for Mr. Roeber to do the right thing, however he sees fit, and not allow his shameful and disgusting past to further tarnish the Missouri State Government.