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Resources for Election Day

In unprecedented circumstances, processing tens of thousands of absentee and mail in ballots and facing long lines for weeks.  We have no reason to anticipate a rash of problems on Tuesday but we have the resources available and it's always best to be prepared. Here is what you need to know:
-Polls are open from 6am to 7pm. If you are in line at or before 7pm, DO NOT LEAVE. As long as you are in line, the poll must remain open so you are allowed to vote.
-At several points in the day, especially early, expect lines that could run longer than 30 minutes. Feel free to bring a folding chair with you while you wait in line. Also be aware of electioneering rules; candidates or supporters cannot bring campaign materials or attempt to persuade you inside of 25 feet of the actual polling location. This line is frequently marked by election judges. If you see anyone violating this rule, calmly alert the election judges.
-Acceptable forms of ID on election day include a Missouri state issued license or non-driver license, a US Passport, military ID, your voter registration card, a student ID, a utility bill, bank statement or government check with your name and address on it.
-If you are physically impared from standing to vote, you can request judges bring your ballot out curbside and vote from your vehicle.
-If you are seeing voter intimidation or any other violation of election laws, call the Missouri voter protection line at 314-652-3929.  We have a number of certified election challengers and watchers spread across the county who are trained in how to deal with problems and ensure everyone gets a fair chance to vote.
Other questions can be answered through these two great voter information resources: