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More of the Same: Your Voice Doesn't Matter to Republicans
(via the Columbia Daily Tribune)
Jefferson City May Be Getting More Secretive
(via Rep. Jerome Barnes)
St. Charles Republican Plays Games with Human Trafficking Bill

Republican Representatives Begin to Reverse Vote of the People

(via Rep. Judy Morgan)

Outreach and Engagement Top Priorities for 2019

100th Missouri General Assembly Session Begins Wednesday

(preview by Rep. Jerome Barnes)

Investigation of Josh Hawley on the Horizon

Late in the campaign cycle, reports came out from the Kansas City Star that political advisers who ran aspects of Attorney General Josh Hawley's US Senate campaign may have used public funds for a political campaign, a serious allegation that could result in criminal charges and jail time. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last week:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Re-hires Vandeven and Education Commissioner, Erasing Another Part of Greitens' Tainted Legacy
Jackson County Holds for Democrats Up and Down Ballot

Despite heavy spending by Republicans to fight the thousands of hours of work by our staff and volunteers, Jackson County Democrats defended all of our previously held seats and delivered a wide pro-McCaskill and Galloway vote margin.  We were also proud to gain a seat in the Missouri State House; the 35th District will be held by Keri Ingle of Lee's Summit!

This election's ballot is especially long so we suggest you review it before you go vote on Tuesday.  You still have time to research the issues and make an informed vote!

Kansas City voters can view the ballot here: