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There are a lot of upcoming events you may want to know about as campaign season is in full swing.  If you have something you want to see listed next week, let Geoff know at


Missouri House Democrats are calling out Republican megadonor David Humphreys for what they are describing as “attempts to bully and harass” his political opponents into silence.

In a press conference held at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City last Thursday afternoon, Democratic House leaders spoke to the media about the matter.

More State Budget Problems on the Horizon

Check Your Voter Registration; Deadline for Primary is Wednesday

Meet the New Lt. Governor

With minimal warning this afternoon, our newly sworn in Governor Mike Parson announced he was appointing State Senator Mike Kehoe as the new Lt. Governor to fill out the remainder of his unexpired term. Kehoe represents parts of seven mid-Missouri counties and was set to exit the Senate this year due to term limits.  Before his first election to the Senate, Kehoe was on the state Highway and Transportation Commission and owned an auto dealership.

Still Riding the High of a HUGE Victory in Senate District 17

The hard work of countless volunteers and staff members from all across the state payed off in a huge way last Tuesday when Lauren Arthur won the special election for a Clay County State Senate seat by 19 points, a number nobody could have predicted.

Be advised of the closure of I-70 this weekend, especially if you are coming to Truman Gala Saturday evening!


Here is the statement about the closure from MoDOT:


First Things First

Table Set for Greitens Impeachment

Here are a few quick notes and upcoming events you may want to know about.  If you have something you want to see listed next week, let Geoff know at


Greitens Circus Is Outgrowing the Tent