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Vote Tomorrow - This week's news and events

March 9, 2020Blog Post
Missouri Primary Watch Party
Join us after you vote as we watch election results from Missouri, Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, North Dakota and Washington come in. With just two viable candidates remaining, tomorrow's results could be the difference in the race to defeat Donald Trump.
All Democrats are welcome Tuesday night, 7pm-10pm at Lew's Grill and Bar, 7539 Wornall Rd. KCMO.  We'll have MSNBC, CNN and local news coverage so you won't miss any results.
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Two Presidential Rallies and a Bunch of Local Events

March 4, 2020Blog Post
The 12th Annual Wiggins Fund Event - LAST CALL
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From the Kansas City Election Board

March 3, 2020Press ReleaseBeing informed will make election day go smoother at your poll

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Blue Notes - Early March

March 2, 2020Blog Post
Republicans Still Trying to Make Voting Harder in Missouri
The House of Representatives on Feb. 26 granted preliminary approval to legislation that takes a third shot at trying to require voters to possess government-issued photo identification in order to cast a ballot. The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the first two laws Republicans enacted to impose a photo voter-ID requirement, ruling they unconstitutionally infringed on voting rights.  The most recent ruling came in January.
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Blue Notes - Late February

February 24, 2020Blog Post

Missouri Republican, Bitter About Same Sex Marriage, Wants to Eliminate the Recognition for Everyone

(via Rep. Jerome Barnes)

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Events and News - It's Getting Busy

February 18, 2020Blog Post

The Return of Eric Greitens?

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Mid February Blue Notes

February 14, 2020Blog Post

"Dirty Missouri" is on the Move

via Rep. Judy Morgan

I've already talked about this issue several times in this year's updates.  However, it's likely one of the most consequential issues we'll vote on as a legislature this session and I want to keep you well-informed.


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Busy Ending to January -- News, Notes and Events

January 27, 2020Blog Post
Legislative Session Already Getting Weird

As we all expected, the Republican super-majority in the Missouri General Assembly is using it's power to chip away at the remaining rights of the people including a repeal of "Clean Missouri" (overwhelmingly passed by voters in 2018), changes to the initiative petition process, and a state budget opening proposal that would continue to erode higher education.

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New Year: News and Events

January 6, 2020Blog Post

Missouri Democrats Building Blue Webinar

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Events, News and Notes

December 16, 2019Blog Post
JCDC Annual Holiday Party Tomorrow!
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