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Accountability for Dark Money and Lies Needed

Cierpoit, Turk need to condemn dark money


Contact: Geoff Gerling, Executive Director



There Must Be Accountability for False Campaign Ad


Jackson County, MO – Several days have passed since area reporters turned their attention to a television ad supporting Mike Cierpoit and attacking Hillary Shields in the race for Missouri’s 8th State Senate District. As KMBC reports, the ad was paid for by a third party or “dark money” political action committees costing $98,000 and the content of the ad attacking candidate Shields was proven clearly “not true.”

The lies in the ad were not difficult to discover and highlight major problems with political campaigns in the 21st century.  First is the amount of dark money in campaigns used to circumvent the state’s campaign finance laws (which were voted on by the people just a year ago). Second is the lack of accountability when ads contain false information.

Members of the majority party in Missouri should take responsibility and condemn both of these problems, not perpetuate them. Mike Cierpot and Jacob Turk should both condemn the use of dark money and Cierpoit especially should, at the very least, call for the ad to be taken down on the account of the false information.  Failure to do so only serves as endorsement of a system that creates more distrust between the citizens and the officials responsible for serving them.



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