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Democrats Contend for Every Statehouse Seat Within County

Missouri Democrats take the fight to traditionally Republican areas

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Contact: Geoff Gerling, Executive Director


Democrats Contend for Every Statehouse Seat Within County

Jackson County, MO – For the first time in at least a decade, Democratic candidates have filed for every Missouri State House and Senate seat located in Jackson County.  This continues the national trend of citizens wanting to do everything in their power to fight back against the Republican majorities at every level of government.  It is also part of a state-wide effort to promote the Democratic brand through candidates in historically uncontested areas.

Executive Director Geoff Gerling made the following statement as filing closed Tuesday: “This is a historic day for Jackson County Democrats and a great opportunity for voters to hear directly from our candidates why our policies our better for the future of Missouri.  We will no longer be defined by Republican propagandists nor will we shy away from tough fights out of fear of losing.”

Since the election in 2016, Democrats and independent voters have become equally organized and outraged against the destructive Republican agenda.  With scandals in Washington DC and Jefferson City paired with policies aimed at supporting the wealthiest and most privileged, voters have seen how their needs are being ignored by the majority party.  Always the party of the middle class and disenfranchised, Democrats will show themselves to be the superior alternative this November and beyond.

Across the state, Democrats have filed in every State Senate race, a 112% increase from 2014 and 145 State House races, a 49% increase from 2016.  More information about our candidates, especially in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs will be promoted through the spring.