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On the Nomination of Sheriff

Contact: Geoff Gerling, Executive Director



For Immediate Release

Jackson County Democrats Select Nominee for Sheriff



Pursuant with the rules governing special elections in this situation, the Jackson County Democratic Committee met in Independence at the courthouse the evening of August 21, 2018.  The 94 member committee had 88 voting members in attendance and heard from three qualified candidates to fill the unexpired term for the office of Sheriff. 


The Jackson County Democratic Committee has selected Darryl Forte to be on the ballot representing our party for the November general election.  Sheriff Forte has been in his position for over 15 weeks by appointment of County Executive Frank White. Prior to his appointment, Forte was with the Kansas City Police Department and rose to the rank of Chief, a position which he held for over five years before his retirement.  Since taking over the office, Sheriff Forte has worked diligently to engage citizens across the county and understand what issues need to be corrected in the Sheriff’s department so it can best serve all constituents of the county. 


Newly re-elected Chairman Paul Wrabec says, “we congratulate Sheriff Forte on his nomination and we call on all Democrats across the county to support him and retain this important office. We are all excited to support him in this campaign.”


Darryl Forte has the full support of the JCDC from now through the election and our volunteers and staff will be proud to put in the work to get him elected to fill the term through 2020.