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Statement Regarding Allegations Against Governor Greitens

Governor admits to affair, threat of blackmail looms

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Governor Admits to Extramarital Affair, Victim Claims She Was Blackmailed

St. Louis media outlets reported this evening that Governor Eric Greitens, who is just beginning his second year of his first term, was having an extramarital affair as recently as 2015. Greitens and his wife, Sheena, admit that the affair happened.  The claims were first reported by KMOV St. Louis and included interviews with the ex-husband of the woman he admits to having an affair just prior to his entering the 2016 election. Further, the unnamed woman claims the Governor threatened her with releasing compromising pictures should she reveal the affair.

The last few months have seen a number of men in power held accountable for sexual misconduct in business and politics. The especially disturbing part of this story is the threat of “revenge porn,” a crime in many states. Legislation to make revenge porn a crime in Missouri had already been filed. The victim stated Greitens “taped my hands to these rings and put a blindfold on me” during their sexual encounter. Then she alleges Greitens threatened her, saying “You’re never going to mention my name, otherwise there will be pictures.”

Greitens' first year in office has been especially rocky. Numerous claims of corruption, threats leveled against members of his own party, and possible open records laws being violated show a clear pattern of abuse of power. The use of the mobile texting app Confide which completely deletes messages once they are read by the Governor and his staff are the most recent concern before today. Claims that Greitens may the most corrupt state executive in the nation were already well supported, but today's reports bring him down to a level most wouldn't have expected from a Navy SEAL who was believed to have a bright future in the national Republican party. Greitens has spent an unusual amount of time outside Missouri attending national fundraisers and meeting with party leaders in Washington DC.

Upon learning of the news, Jackson County Democratic Committee Chairman Paul Wrabec said "Eric Greitens has been modeling himself very clearly after Donald Trump since he entered the race for Governor in 2015. He has shown little respect for the office he holds or for the rule of law. Even I wouldn't have expected he would extend his mirroring of Trump to affairs and blackmail. This is a sad day for Missouri and possibly a permanent stain on the office of the Governor." He added that Jefferson City remains a toxic environment for ethics, both political and personal.

Greitens delivered his second State of the State address earlier this evening, failing to propose a budget for the second year.  Responses and other comments from Democratic leaders across the state regarding the Governor’s address and this breaking news are coming out through the night.